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Looking for a way to reach potential customers? An advertisement on 'Jeff Gordon Online' would be a proper starting point. The main page of the site is visited by approximately 4,000 unique users each day of the racing season. That's more than 120,000 viewing your advertisement each month. The site as a whole is averaging more than 40,000 page hits per day, and your business will also be promoted on the Jeff Gordon Online social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Suffice to say, an advertisement on 'Jeff Gordon Online' will reach your targeted audience in the motorsports realm.

Who Visits The Site?

Race fans, specifically Jeff Gordon fans, visit often and usually devour the latest information and news. The updated news and interactivity features keep visitors returning. The average user spends more than 6 minutes on the site each day.


Monthly rates start as low as $60. Various packages are available which reduce the monthly rate further.


Banner ads are 760x60 (or your preference) and box ads are 100x100-- under 100k in file size. Text box ads are also available. Motorsports-related companies are preferred but not required. No gambling, porn, or alcohol/tobacco sites.

*NASCAR Demographics

Want to know about the market you're dealing with? More than 1/3 of NASCAR fans earn over $50,000 each year. Over 35% of fans are female and nearly 70% of fans polled said that they loyally support NASCAR sponsors. Advertising products on the Internet is target marketing at its best. You won't find a more centrally located audience for your product. For detailed rates, information, and packages, please e-mail me.

*Demographics from the Wall Street Journal

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