The Marketing of Jeff Gordon XS Racing

STAMFORD, CT. (From Excite News) - - In anticipation of ASC Games' upcoming Jeff Gordon XS Racing video game for PC CD-ROM and PlayStation, respective industry giants, 7-Eleven, Fritos, Pepsi-Cola and Toys "R" Us, have developed some of the most innovative and far-reaching promotional programs ever created in support of a video game launch. Jeff Gordon XS Racing is slated for a March 1999 release on PC CD-ROM and a May 1999 release on PlayStation.

Promotional Programs

Beginning February 1, 1999, 7-Eleven customers who purchase a Pepsi-Cola twelve pack or XL size Fritos Brand Corn Chips at one of the 5,600 store locations nationwide will receive a free 7-Eleven PC CD-ROM demo version of Jeff Gordon XS Racing.

Frito-Lay Company
The game will be included in Fritos' "Fun In The Fast Lane" catalog which will feature Jeff Gordon original merchandise starting in April 1999 at promotional displays nationwide. The game will also have on-package presence on Fritos products hitting store shelves in April 1999.

Beginning on February 4, 1999, an estimated 4 million consumers and race fans will have the opportunity to play the game through Pepsi's Tracktivation program. Pepsi's Tracktivation trailer will reach over 4 million race fans at over 15 Winston Cup races and 150 retail locations between February and November 1999 including more than 16 NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Grand National races.

Toys "R" Us
Consumers will have the opportunity to win a trip for two to meet Jeff Gordon at a 1999 NASCAR race and play Jeff Gordon XS Racing against him by completing the "Play The Pro" sweepstakes entry forms at any Toys "R" Us. The contest ends February 1, 1999.

"We're extremely excited to partner with 7-Eleven, Fritos, Pepsi-Cola, and Toys "R" Us for such innovative, diverse, and strategic programs to promote Jeff Gordon XS Racing," Sharon Wood, Executive Vice President of Marketing at ASC Games said. "All of these promotions are designed to reach an incredible number of consumers and create win-win programs for all parties involved."

Jeff Gordon has worked as both co-designer and co-producer from the outset of the development process on the game resulting in a turbo-charged, arcade-style, stock car racing game that features Jeff as your personal mentor, teammate, and ultimately, your toughest competition. Jeff Gordon XS Racing will give gamers the intense rush of racing at 300mph speeds against aggressive and combative competitors over ten extreme tracks featuring super jumps, high banks, wild loops, and multi-path speedways.

"It's great that all of these partners have teamed up with us to support the launch of the game," said Gordon. "While it's a great opportunity for all the companies involved, the true winners are the customers since they're the ones who can win all of the cool prizes or take home a free demo of the game."

Additional retail promotional programs include contests, giveaways, and point-of-purchase displays at virtually all major retail outlets; monthly advertising in PC, console and consumer print magazines; online outlets including Jeff's web site; and a national television advertising campaign scheduled to debut during the broadcast of the Daytona 500 on February 14, 1999. An extensive public relations campaign will feature coverage in PC and console print and online outlets, as well as mass market print and broadcast media outlets.

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