Random News - February 2000

Silver Bullet
DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. (February 18)- - For Daytona Speedweeks, the DuPont Chevrolet is painted silver with the NASCAR 2000 logo on the hood of the car. The special paint scheme commemorates the first Speedweeks of the new century. The rainbow colors in Gordon's driving suit have been replaced by white and black during Speedweeks. "We always design the uniform and helmet to match our paint scheme," Gordon said. "Personally, I like change. It's fun. I've always liked black, but you're never going to see DuPont with a black car. Besides, that other guy (Dale) Earnhardt has one."

The New Warriors
DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. (February 16)- - After five members of Jeff Gordon's pit crew departed after the 1999 season, pit crew coach Andy Papathanassiou spent the off-season finding the right people for the job. Gone are the "Sunday Specialists," in their place are a group of dedicated, full-time employees of Hendrick Motorsports whose focus is on the DuPont Chevrolet all week long, not just on race day. In the Bud Shootout, Gordon came onto pit road with the lead as tire changers Todd Gantt and Shane Church, tire carriers Craig Curione and Steve Letarte, and jackman Chris Anderson performed their first competitive pit stop as a unit. Gordon returned to the track with the lead. The only thing the new pit crew lacks compared to their predecesors is chemistry and experience; something they will gain over the course of the season.

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