Random News - March 2002

DuPont Tyvek Commercial
WILMINGTON, DE. (March 18)- - Jeff Gordon's new television commerical for DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap debuted during the FOX broadcast of the Carolina Dodge Dealers 400. The commercial will be airing on The Weather Channel from April through June. The new campaign for Tyvek HomeWrap also will include radio spots and trade and consumer ads, as well as point-of-purchase displays at retail locations. Tyvek is used in construction to increase air and water resistance, helping to lower heating and cooling costs in buildings, and providing better protection against water and moisture intrusion. The qualities of Tyvek help stop air flow through wall cavities; help hold out bulk water and wind-driven rain; and allow moisture vapor to escape from inside walls. The result is a more comfortable, energy-efficient building with far fewer chances for damage from degradation effects.

+Jeff's Tyvek commercial

Flash Back, Flash Forward
DARLINGTON, S.C. (March 15)- - Ricky Craven started on the pole position in Sunday's race with Jeff Gordon alongside. The pair were teammates at Hendrick Motorsports from 1997-1998. After he won the pole position on Friday, Craven was asked about his former teammate. "I've got to tell you that in my opinion, he's one of the best that's ever raced here and how I support is when I was racing with Jeff at Hendrick Motorsports," Craven said. "It was a race Jeff won, I think it was one of the Southern 500s, and on Monday I was at the shop and Ray (Evernham) asked me to come on over to the 24 team's shop and look at Jeff's car. I thought walking over that maybe the trophy would be on the roof and he wanted to show me the trophy. Actually, what I saw was a car that looked worse than some of the Bud cars that had been hauled off on the hook, and he had won with it. I said, 'That's okay, where is the car you won with?' and he said, 'No, that's the point, this kid never gives up.' That was inspiring, honestly."

The Aero Wars
DARLINGTON, S.C. (March 15)- - After the MBNA America 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR took four different makes of car-- the #22 Dodge, #32 Ford, #20 Pontiac, and #8 Chevrolet-- to the Lockheed wind tunnel in Marietta, Georgia in order to gauge drag coefficient. The numbers indicated the Dodge was superior in terms of downforce followed by the Ford. Pontiac and Chevrolet lagged behind. While the lobbying continues, both Ford and Chevrolet have argued their cases. "On our side of the equation, the Chevrolet needs help to counter the revised inspection process implemented this year by NASCAR," said Doug Duchardt, Group Manager for GM Racing. "The changes made to that process have hurt the Monte Carlo more than any of the four makes. The data received Monday indicates that we are dealing with a 10 percent downforce discrepancy between the Dodge and Chevrolet, which is a significant and evident amount in this series." The Ford camp was quick to respond, noting the finishing order from Atlanta. Though in the process also admitting a certain degree fear regarding the #24 DuPont team and its driver. "In recent years when you talked about Chevrolet, you talked about Jeff Gordon," said Greg Specht, North American Operations Manager for Ford Racing. "For whatever reason, his team has not raced well yet in 2002. But we feel that any rules changes have to be made with the best car in class in mind and he's the best GM's got. We don't know whether they've got an aero problem, if they're having a hard time adjusting to the new engine rule, or what. But no one wants to give the 24 anything that eventually makes this season a walkaway for that team."

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