Random News - March 2000

Proper Perspective
BRISTOL, TN. (March 27)- - The last time Jeff Gordon went this deep into a season without a victory, the year was 1994 and he was still trying for his first Winston Cup victory. Despite the early season struggles this year, Gordon has remained optimistic about the race team and has a better sense of perspective about it. "I haven't looked at this thing negatively," Gordon said. "I've really looked at it as a great experience. People tend to mistake that my life revolves around how I run on the race track. My life doesn't revolve around that. I love that. It's my job, and I want to be up top, but my priorities are different. I'm as happy as I've ever been in my life. I love my life. I have a great life. One thing that would make it a little bit better is that race car. I'm 99 percent happy, and the only thing missing is getting this race team back where it belongs."

Back In 1976
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 20)- - At a luncheon last week in Charlotte, defending Winston Cup champion Dale Jarrett analyzed the differences between his career and that of his youthful rival. "Jeff Gordon and I started driving race cars at the same time - he was 5 and I was 20." (

Private Tutoring
DARLINGTON, S.C. (March 16)- - It seems like just yesterday that Jeff Gordon was asking veterans like Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt for the best line around Darlington Raceway. After five victories at the track, drivers are now asking for his advice. He recently helped BGN rookie Ricky Hendrick test at the track. Gordon took a few laps in Hendrick's Busch car to show the youngster what some knowledge can do. Later, when telemetry readings showed Hendrick was using too much brake going into Turn 1, Gordon wanted to tell him to use no brakes. "But I knew that might put him in the wall, so I said, 'How about using just a little brakes into Turn 1?'" Gordon said. "He seemed to get around pretty good."

Serve and Volley
NAPLES, FLA. (March 10)- - Jeff Gordon visited the Vanderbilt Country Club in Naples on Wednesday morning to videotape a public service announcement with tennis great John McEnroe on behalf of the Miracle Match Foundation. The organization was founded three years ago to contribute to leukemia research and assist others in finding bone marrow matches.

Joy Of Cola
SOMERS, N.Y. (March 3)- - Jeff Gordon now has company on Pepsi-Cola's roster of athletes. The company signed Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa to appear in a new Pepsi "Joy Of Cola" commercial and play a role in its baseball marketing efforts. Sosa hit 63 home runs last year and 66 in 1998, when both he and Mark McGwire, who slugged 70, broke the single-season home run record. Sosa joins Gordon and singer Ricky Martin, who promote Pepsi in nationwide advertisements.

Product Recall
TUCSON, AZ. (March 1)- -Lighted glass panels etched with images of race cars are being recalled because their fluorescent lights pose a fire hazard. Panels included in the recall are Tony Stewart's Home Depot car, Jeff Gordon's DuPont car, Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench car, and the Dale Earnhardt Jr's Budweiser car. Their model numbers are W9927077, W9927308, W9927019 and W9927215. The numbers are on a sticker on the boxes, which say 'Action Racing Collectibles, Inc.' For more information about the product recall, call (888) 810-4057. (Daily Star)

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