Random News - April 2000

Mint Chocolate Speedway
GULF STREAM, FLA. (April 14)- - Edy's Grand Ice Cream announced that "Jeff's Mint Chocolate Speedway" outpaced more than 8,000 flavor ideas and four other finalists in the company's "Invent Jeff's Next Flavor" program. The idea for the flavor was submitted by Angie Athanas of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Along with the other finalists, she was on hand at Texas Motor Speedway in early April when Jeff Gordon tasted all five flavors and selected the champion in a taste-off. The mint ice cream with fudge swirls and mint chocolate #24 cars racing through it will be available in grocery stores later this summer in half-gallon containers. The ice cream will feature Gordon along with ice cream inventor Angie Athanas' name on the package. Gordon's love for Edy's Ice Cream prompted the company several years ago to put Jeff's picture on cartons of Rocky Road ice cream, re-naming the flavor "Jeff's Rocky Road," as well as creating special flavors such as "Sweet Victory Sundae" and "Checkered Flag Sundae."

Helping Out
NEWARK, DE. (April 5)- - As part of DuPont's emphasis on current and future integrated science, the DuPont Office of Education is making a three-year grant of $400,000 to the University of Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education to support the continuing improvement of science and mathematics education through the Smithsonian Elementary Science program. The program includes 24 curriculum units for grades one through six. More than 60,000 students are involved in the program, which also provides professional development in elementary science to teachers.

Stars Fell On Alabama
TALLADEGA, AL. (April 2)- - Jeff Gordon tested at Talladega Superspeedway on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the DieHard 500 on April 16. Gordon's superspeedway program has seen less than stellar results since winning the Daytona 500 to begin the 1999 season. He finished 38th and 12th at the Talladega races last year and posted finishes of 21st and 34th in his two previous races at Daytona. "The common goal is to always gain speed, and we were pretty far off speedwise at Daytona," Gordon said. "With the restrictor plate change, it’s going to make it that much tougher for us. We know we have to pick up some speed from somewhere, so that’s what we’re here to do. Fords are beating us the worst on the superspeedways. They’re beating us in every category- aerodynamics, horsepower- and that’s pretty tough. We’re trying to make any gains we possibly can."

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