The Next NASCAR Prodigy

Casey Atwood appears to be the next NASCAR prodigy, something that Jeff Gordon can relate to. The 17 year old high school senior won the
Casey Atwood
Casey Atwood seems destined for NASCAR stardom
pole position for the Busch Grand National Bell South 320 at Nashville Speedway earlier this year. In the race, he proved he was no fluke by finishing a strong second behind Mike McLaughlin. After the race he said, "Just to be in the race was great. But to win the pole and do this good makes it that much better." His performance captured the attention of many on the Winston Cup circuit.

Jeff Gordon was recently asked about the young prodigy and said that if he could chat with Atwood, he'd tell him, "Just don't take it too quick. I really think that you need to be in Busch Grand National for two years." Gordon made the jump to Winston Cup after completing his second Busch season in 1992.

Gordon said, "I think that Busch is a great series and I think that some people can move up a little bit too quick. It would be great to see him on the circuit full time running for a championship and hope that it all comes together and he goes to Winston Cup." Atwood plans to run a limited schedule for the rest of the 1998 season hoping to attract a major sponsor.

"Right now he's doing all of the right things, that's for sure- picking and choosing the right races," Gordon said. "They seem to be putting good equipment underneath him and that's the first major step right there." At some point down the road, it seems inevitable that Jeff Gordon will someday look in his rear view mirror and see Casey Atwood behind him in a race.

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