2001 Pocono Fan Club Meeting

BLAKESLEE, PA.- - The annual Jeff Gordon Fan Club meeting in the Poconos was held on Friday, June 15. Chris and Robin attended and sent in a story and pictures from the event.

By Christina Shockley

My husband and my two sons, plus Robin from the "fan forum" arrived at the Jim Thorpe Firehouse at around 4:30 pm. We also met up with Adam from Texas, who posts on the forum as well. It was really nice to meet another fan from the forum, and a nice one at that! When 5:00 arrived, they let everyone in so we could eat before Jeff arrived. They served Sloppy Joe's and Pepsi. Jeff arrived early at 5:30, and took the stage. He discussed qualifying at Pocono and then answered some fan questions. One of the questions was which track was his favorite and he said it was Michigan. Jeff seemed really pumped up and happy to be there.

After the Q&A, he signed autographs for about 200 fans in attendance. When it came to our turn to get our autographs, I gave him a scrapbook of photos that I had taken from different races and times when I had seen him. In addition, I had fans from the forum send me messages for Jeff that I put in the book. He said he was looking forward to reading it and thanked me. Robin had given Jeff some photos that she had taken when Jeff co-hosted "Live With Regis" back in January. Jeff laughed when she gave him the pictures of him during the spa segment and said he was getting embarrased. My youngest son Kevin had a black eye, so when Jeff saw it, he held Kevin's hand and asked him what happened and my son told him that he got punched. Jeff said not to worry, that he got punched once and look how he turned out, not so bad so everything was going to be alright.

When he finished signing he came back on stage and answered a few more questions. One of them was from my 10-year-old son Robbie. He asked how it felt to give Hendrick Motorsports their 100th win. Everybody applauded and Jeff said he was glad it was him who won the 100th race, and it was awesome moment. When it was time for Jeff to leave, his fans gave him a loud send off. My family had a great time, and my boys were really impressed by Jeff and how nice he was.

Robin Kauffman attended the Fan Club Meeting to meet Jeff (once again), get an autograph, and try and get a few good pictures. As it turned out, she wound up taking some of the most candid Jeff Gordon pictures I've seen. Enjoy.

Addressing the crowd
Jeff speaks to more than 200 in attendance at the Pocono Fan Club Meeting
Jeff Gordon
Meeting the fans

Having a laugh
Head on
Head on

Pensive moment
A pensive moment
Right side

Meet and greet
Up close and personal
Chatting with fans
In conversation


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