When Tragedy Strikes : An Update

There are times we all take things for granted. Sometimes we make trivial events seem important and make important events seem trivial. On occasion, we'll call it a bad day if we get stuck in traffic on the way to work, have an irate boss on your case, or, for those of you in school, get back a paper with a less than stellar grade on it. But, those aren't bad days; those are the trivial events.

Al, a longtime Jeff Gordon fan, was involved in a car accident during Michigan race weekend. He was hit by a drunk driver who had been drinking at Michigan International Speedway. The drunk driver broadside Al's car. His car was pushed down a deep embankment and proceeded to roll over. He has a number of broken bones on the left side of his body and large lacerations. He was airlifted to a hospital in Toledo, and suffered cardiac arrest on the way.

His wife and sister, also Gordon fans, wanted something to hold on to for comfort; they wanted the JG hat that Al was wearing. After a huge search and a lot driving, it was found but in very bad shape. Doctors believe that the hat took a blow that would have killed Al. The bill of the hat bent up and prevented something from going through Al's scull. Cindy had asked if she could send the hat to Jeff to have it autographed. I provided her with the phone numbers of Hendrick Motorsports and JG Motorsports who could better assist her. Cindy reported that Al's family called the organization soonafer and was told not to send the hat for fear of it being lost in the mail. However, she said that they are going to try to do something else for Al. That makes this Web site worthwhile. Popularity is nice, but the things that matter most are answering an email that helps out a fan in need.

The family of Allen Wisman would like to thank you for the cards, gifts, thoughts and all the prayers and support you have given. It is amazing. Al is progressing better than expected. The doctors and nurses have named him the "Miracle Man". With all the prayers, God has sent him back to us.

May God Bless you all.
The Wisman family

Al's really making progress, he was sent home on Wednesday, July 21 and is continuing therapy there. He is walking with a cane and is on his way to recovery. It will still take some time..but he seems very determined to beat all the odds.

Anyone wishing to send Al mail can now send it to:

Allen Wisman
17755 Manitou Rd.
Addison, MI 49220

Front view of the truck
Front view of the truck

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