Jeff Gordon Makes His Sitcom Debut

MALIBU, CA.- - Jeff Gordon will appear on an episode of the ABC sitcom 'Spin City' on November 17th.
Spin City
Michael J. Fox stars in 'Spin City'
Gordon's appearance on the show was engineered by the William Morris Agency. The agency represents Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Gordon among others.

Raul Mateau of the agency said that Hollywood is just now starting to understand what NASCAR racing is all about; that it's not just a "Southern thing" anymore. Mateau's main goal has been to educate the mainstream media about NASCAR and its reigning champion.

Gordon had a small part (a very small part) in a 1997 FOX-TV movie called, "Steel Chariots." However, 'Spin City' will be his acting debut in terms of a studio audience. An audience that will likely treat him better than the ones he performs in front of at the racetrack.

His appearance on the show is evidence of NASCAR's growing popularity in mainstream America. In the recent past, guest athletes appearing on sitcoms were usually football players, baseball players, and basketball players.

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