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NEW YORK, N.Y.- - Music Television (MTV) is looking for fans of Jeff Gordon that would be interested in interviewing the two-time Winston Cup champion. Their newest program is called "Fanatic." The premise of the show is to find fans of a particular celbrity and give the fans a chance to interview their favorite celebrity. Among the
MTV Fanatic
MTV's newest show is called 'Fanatic.' Viewers have the opportunity to interview their favorite celebrity.
celebrities that have already been booked on the program are Bruce Willis, Boyz II Men, Green Day, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mase, Wesley Snipes, and Van Halen.

Currently, MTV is asking fans of Jeff Gordon to participate. If you're a fan, and we mean a real, true fan, tell MTV how Jeff has inspired you and changed your life, and you just may get the chance to meet and interview him later this year.

If you are interested, please call Evolyn with MTV at (212) 654-6038. Collect calls are welcome. You must be 17 or older to participate in this promotion.

Remember when MTV used to actually play music videos? Turn on MTV these days and you're likely to find everything from the 18 and over "Loveline" to the animated "Celbrity Deathmatch" and "Daria." "Fanatic" is the latest idea in their non-music format.

MTV's Fanatic

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