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HARRISBURG, N.C.- - It's no secret that Jeff Gordon enjoys playing video games. Between qualifying and practice, he can be found in the team trailer, playing games to relax and escape from pressure.

Last year ASC Games approached Gordon about lending
ASC Games
his name to a project that would develop a Jeff Gordon racing game. The two-time Winston Cup champion has done more than just lend his name to the project however. Gordon has been integral in the design of the game and has served as one of the testers. "Jeff Gordon Racing" for the Sony Playstation and CD-Rom will be released in February 1999.

"I wanted to be part of a game that was different than what is out there today," said Gordon. "I've played video games since Pong, and I feel [JGR] combines the best elements of the top games out there, while adding some neat features." He cited Sony's Gran Turismo, Ubi Soft's F1, and Sierra's NASCAR Racing series as his current favorites. When asked to name his favorite game of all-time, he said there were too many to name, but "I liked Ice Racing on the old Atari."

The game is not a clone of the popular NASCAR Racing simulation game by Sierra. Instead, it's a look at the future; the distant future. Set in the year 2012, modern technology has advanced and ultimately changed the face of racing. The cars can reach speeds of 300 mph on steep banks and loop turns that challenge drivers every second. In order to succeed, players must rely on their skill, break-neck decision making, and assistance from racing veteran, Jeff Gordon. However, in order to experience the true thrill of victory, players must face the ultimate racing challenge of competing against, and beating Gordon on the track. In perhaps of preview of the future of NASCAR, all of the races are held at night.

Twelve cars vie for the finish line on eight fantasy tracks (plus one secret track), complete with jumps, tunnels, clover-leafs, and vertical loops at speeds close to 300 miles per hour. Look for "Jeff Gordon Racing" from ASC Games in February 1999.

Screenshots From "Jeff Gordon Racing"

Colored Lighting
Fast speed
Jumps included
Note the Tire Stress Gauge
Real-time shadows
Tire Rubbin'
Track overhead

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