Dear Jeff....

HARRISBURG, N.C. - - While looking at some of the guestbook entries, I saw one that made me pause. It's reprinted here because it's worth reading.

Dear Jeff,
A couple of weeks ago you were at the Kenworth Plant in Chillicothe, Ohio. While you were here you met a man named Lynn Metzger from Circleville, Ohio where I live. Lynn had cancer and they didn't expect him to live very long. Well you made a dying man very happy. I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to pose with him for a picture. Lynn died 10/21/98. Everyone knows how busy you and all the race car drivers are and we the people so many times only hear the bad and no one gives any of the guys any credit for all the good you do. So in your prayers this week please remember Lynn's family. Again, thank you so very much.

From one Christian to another,
Greg White
Circleville, Ohio
p.s.- My mom is a big fan of yours and she is 75 years old. This Christmas we got her a Jeff Gordon jacket.

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