1998 Championship Poem

By Chrissy Macey

I had a school assignment to write a poem about someone that I admired . And of course, Jeff Gordon was at the top of my list. My family and I are great fans and go to some of the races. When we aren't able to attend, we watch them faithfully on television. This is for all Gordon fans to enjoy.

JEFF GORDON - 1998 Winston Cup Champion

Jeff Gordon, the champion in Winston Cup,
began racing when he was a young pup.
He circled his car first on dirt tracks,
where he learned all his racing facts.
Now an experienced driver,
he is the one most fans admire.
The color and shine of his car,
of course is the most noticeable by far.
At Jeff and Ray's commands,
the Rainbow Warriors toil to meet their demands.
On the track racing against the best of the best,
his wife, Brooke, watches from atop the tool chest.
Martin, Wallace, and Earnhardt to name a few,
are among the pack Jeff must work his way through.
No matter where he starts; on the pole or in the back,
he usually is the first to cross the finish line at each track.
As the season rolls on and each race goes by,
Gordon receives awards which keep piling high.
AS he racks up points in front of fans numbering billions,
he continues to collect those Winston Millions.
Winning so many races is the reason,
for Jeff Gordon's three championship seasons.

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