December 2008 Random News

Nights In The Big Town
December 17 - - Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch attended the New York premiere of Valkyrie on December 15 in New York City. Valkyrie is a World War II-era movie starring Tom Cruise. The film portrays the seldom-recalled German resistance to Adolf Hitler. Cruise plays would-be Hitler assassin Col. Claus von Stauffenberg. On July 20, 1944 (six weeks after D-Day), Stauffenberg's ill-fated plan involved killing Hitler with a bomb and installing a change-of-power scheme called Operation Valkyrie.

On The Trading Floor
December 13 - - People often say that Jeff Gordon looks more like a stock broker than a race car driver. On Wednesday, December 10, Gordon got a firsthand look at the financial trading environment. He spend a few hours on the trading floor of ICAP, an international broker in financial markets, at the company's offices in Jersey City, N.J. Gordon and other celebrities joined ICAP brokers for the day when all company revenues were donated to more than 100 different charities around the world. ICAP raised $16.3 million on its 16th annual Charity Day, beating the $13.7 million raised in 2007 and bringing the total raised to $79.2 million since 1993.

Painting The Road Ahead
December 12 - - Jeff Gordon's Chevrolet will feature three different primary paint schemes in 2009. DuPont will be the primary sponsor for 28 races, National Guard signs on for 8 events, while Pepsi will sponsor Gordon in two races. The DuPont paint scheme was unveiled in early-October. The blue Pepsi scheme features the company's redesigned logo on the hood with a fade to black beyond the hood and will be raced in October 2009 at California Speedway. The National Guard paint scheme is silver and black, and will debut at Atlanta in March.

Perfunctory Exercises
December 6 - - Jeff Gordon accepted a points fund check and a trophy at the NASCAR awards banquet in New York City for his 7th place finish in the standings. For the seventh straight season, Gordon watched the festivities from the floor, vowing that "next year" would be his. Gordon's schedule was relatively light leading up to the banquet. He attended a breakfast on Thursday with the other drivers who qualified for the chase for the championship. During his five-minute speech on Friday night, Gordon thanked his race team and fans, and then ran through a litany of sponsors.

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