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Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have. If you don't see your answer here, email me.

General JG/Racing Info

Do you know how I can contact Jeff for an autograph?
Due to the volume of requests, please hold off on autographs for the forseeable future.

Is there a way to email Jeff Gordon?
Not directly.

Can you email me when you get the latest news about Jeff Gordon?
Sorry, I don't have time to do that. You might want to check the site for the latest updates.

Can you help me get garage passes for a Nextel Cup race?
Unless you know someone on the "inside of NASCAR," work for a race sponsor, or have another type of official function, they're almost impossible to get. You can't buy them. So, I can't help you with that.

Can you help me get tickets to a Nextel Cup race?
While race tickets are easier to come by than garage passes, they're still a hot item. Your best bet would be to call the track and ask about availability.

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How do I join Jeff's fan club?
There is no more "fan club" in the true sense of the word.

Where can I get officially licensed Jeff Gordon merchandise?
Either ask your local hobby dealer about it, go to a NASCAR track, or visit an online diecast dealer.

Will you post a rumor that I heard about Jeff on the page?
The site deals with factual information rather than rumor. However, if I feel that the rumor is credible, I'll look into it further. If it's confirmed, I'll post it on the site. Because a confirmed rumor is no longer a rumor, but a proven fact.

How can I find out if Jeff will be making an autograph appearance in my area?
Public appearances will either be listed on the main page of the website or on

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My child is interested in becoming a driver, is there any rule to how young he/she can be?
A NASCAR driver must be at least 18 years old and possess an FIA (Federation International de líAutomobile) license. A driver may also be required to pass a driving abilities test. Usually, drivers will work their way up through the series. Jeff Gordon started racing go-karts when he was just 5 years old.

Iíll be attending my first NASCAR race later this season. Can I meet Jeff Gordon while there?
Unless it's pre-arranged with Jeff's PR firm several months beforehand, don't count on it. While he might sign autographs on pit road prior to qualifying, his time is often limited.

Do you have any tips to make the most of the experience at the racetrack?
Bring protection for your ears while sitting in the grandstands. A radio headset is usually a good way to not only listen to the race but protect your ears from noise damage. Also if you have a scanner and headset, you can listen to the crew chief communicate with his driver. NASCAR assigns each team a frequency number which are available from certain souvenir trailers at the track. In addition, check the weather forecast in the days leading up to the race. If the forecast calls for rain, bring along a plastic poncho. Tracks usually do not allow umbrellas in the grandstands. If the outlook is for sunny skies, bring sunscreen. Even if it's not the summer season, sitting in the sun all day will give you a burn. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. For a day at the track, a sunscreen with an SPF of 45 is preferred. Also, wear comfortable shoes. You'll be doing a good amount of walking before and after the race. If you're inclined to bring a cooler or bags into the grandstands, please check with the track beforehand. Security regulations vary from track to track and size of the items is limited. And finally, stop by your favorite driver's souvenir rig at the track. Maxing out your credit card is not recommended, but sometimes unavoidable!

I hate the TV broadcasters. How can I listen to the races on the radio or online?
MRN Radio broadcasts most of the NASCAR races throughout the season. A complete list of MRN affiliate stations can be found
here. They do not broadcast the races at tracks owned by Speedway Motorsports (Bristol, Texas, Charlotte, Sonoma, Las Vegas, Atlanta) as the Performance Racing Network (PRN) handles those. PRN's affiliates are listed here.
To listen online, MRN is only available through the purchase of TrackPass at Nascar's official website.

Web Site Info

Where does the information on the site come from?
A number of places. Most notably racing-related Web sites, media outlets, TV shows, and sources. I try and confirm all information on the site as fact and will throw in an opinion from time to time.

Can I write an article for the site?
Yes. Please e-mail me to clear the topic before you begin writing. A journalism/writing interest is necessary (proper grammar, spelling, and word usage is required).

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When did the site begin?
Jeff Gordon Online began in late May 1998. I had maintained a smaller version of the site at Geocities from January 1997 until May 1998. If you remember that page, well, you're giving your Internet age away! The Geocities page went from a handful of visitors a day to well over 300 a day by May 1998. At that point, I took it to the next level with its own domain name. Since then, the number of visitors have skyrocketed and the rest is history.

I saw Jeff in his car, on his boat, walking into a restaurant, or another place away from the track other than a scheduled public appearance. Will you mention on the site what he was eating, buying, and/or who he was with?
NO, because I consider that kind of stuff to be an invasion of privacy. The website deals with his racing career and the business aspects of his life that are involved in racing (JG Inc, race sponsors, track design, etc.). The site does not deal with his private life away from the racetrack that is not already covered by other media.

How often is the website updated with news and info?
Whenever I have the free time to do so. Usually several times per week.

If I want to see the Indy 500, where should I stay?
There are many, many hotels in the Indianapolis area with a wide range of prices. You can expect them raise rates and be filled to capacity if you try to look for a hotel close to Indy 500 weekend (May 26, 2013) so it's best to book far in advance. Try checking here first:
Hotels in Indianapolis IN. You can also try giving area hotels a call because sometimes there will be limited special race-fan packages available. Looking for something to do outside the race, or maybe where to eat? University of Indianapolis has made a great resource that you can find HERE. Overall, the Indy 500 weekend is a fantastic time and if you plan ahead it's hard to go wrong. Just don't wait until the last minute!

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