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The votes have been counted and the people have spoken loud and clear (well, at least the web site visitors have spoken loud and clear). In a landslide tally, Jeff Gordon was elected "President." Of course, Gordon is technically not eligible to be President since he does not meet the minimum 35 years old age requirement for the position. The strange thing is that I didn't expect the totals to be as lopsided as they were. He might have been placed on the ballot as a lark, but he carried all 50 states and every U.S. territory.

So.. if you stretch your imagination ever so thinly, picture this:

The Gordon Administration
President- Jeff Gordon
First Lady- Brooke Gordon
Vice President- Robbie Loomis
Chief of Staff- Jon Edwards
Attorney General- Brian Whitesell
Secretary of Defense- Rick Hendrick
Foreign Ambassador to Guam- Ray Evernham
(hey, that's a way to keep Dodge from winning a race!)

Final Election Results

Candidate Total # of Votes Percentage
Jeff Gordon 1,905 65%
Al Gore 501 17%
George Bush 492 17%
Ralph Nader 8 1%
Pat Buchanan 0 0%

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