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A Reason To Believe

In racing, success is measured by on-track success. If a driver wins 47 races, three Winston Cup titles, and every major event in a five year period of time, that driver is likely to be considered highly successful. But Jeff Gordon doesn't measure success by race results; he measures it in other ways. Gordon recently discussed one of his favorite topics, his faith, with Motor Racing Outreach. It is reprinted here as a service to readers.

By Jeff Gordon

My wife, Brooke, and I cultivate our faith by reading Scripture (the Bible) and praying together. We look forward to our regular Saturday night Bible study with some of the other drivers and their wives.

My only regret is that I didn't have God in my life when I needed Him ten years ago. I wish I had known more about the Bible and had read it. It could have made a big difference. And that's why I'm not shy about urging others to look into the claims of Christ and turn their lives over to Him.

How about you? Are you convinced yet of your own need for the Lord? If not, let me tell you about just one of the differences faith has made in my life.

Before I met Jesus, I was like most athletes - obsessed with winning. And when I didn't win, I felt discouraged and depressed. But now, when I have a bad day, I don't get upset, and I don't get frustrated. Sure, I'd like to have a better day; I want to win the race. But when I don't win, I don't get down. And I think that makes it easier for me to go to the next race.

Now, every race I go into, I'm content with whatever the outcome turns out to be. If I don't win that day, then God didn't want me to win that day. If I do win, I praise God for the victory. He's there with me all the time, win or lose!

The next time you see me competing in a race, you might remember this: When I'm out there and I'm racing hard, I'm not thinking about winning a trophy or making money or getting glory for myself. The only thing in my mind is doing my best and winning the race if I can - and always, in success or failure, glorifying God.

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