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2001 Paint Scheme

Chronological review of the news regarding the new DuPont paint scheme for 2001.

August 29, 2000- The familiar paint scheme that Jeff Gordon has used in Winston Cup racing since the final race of the 1992 season will not be run again following the 2000 season. Gordon's Chevrolet will feature a new DuPont paint scheme next season.

September 27, 2000- There was a brief sneak peak at the #24 DuPont Chevrolet for 2001. Yes, the paint scheme is different. At first glance there are some similarities to the current paint scheme. The concept car is the same blue and neon red as the current version, but it has the addition of flames. Time will tell if that is the final version or whether additional changes will be made.

2001 Pepsi Chevrolet
November 22, 2000- Pepsi will be the primary sponsor on Jeff Gordon's Winston Cup car in two events during the 2001 season-- April at Talladega and July at Daytona. The car is blue all over with the Pepsi "ball" logo on the hood as well as two small DuPont oval logos on each side of the "ball" on either side at the top of the hood. On the quarterpanels, "DUPONT" is written similar to the way it was on the car that Jeff drove at Charlotte in May 2000.

November 22, 2000- The new #24 DuPont Chevrolet has neon red flames coming from the front and horizontally down the sides. The base color of the car is blue. The rear "TV panel" is neon red. Most of the hood is neon red with a little blue at the top. The flames end just above the DuPont oval on the hood and end just before the rear wheels with a little flame just behind the wheels like it was kicked up on the car by the rear tire. A rainbow stripe outlines all the flames. The rear quarter has "DUPONT" written out (similiar to the way it was on the car from Charlotte in May 2000). There is no trademark DuPont oval or Automotive Finishes decal on the quarterpanel. The Pepsi and Fritos logos are in the area behind the number on the door. The "24" looks the same as always. Quaker State and GMAC are on the lower rear quarterpanel. Haas and Delphi are behind the side window (on the B-pillar).

2001 DuPont Chevrolet
December 12, 2000- Jeff Gordon officially unveils the new DuPont paint scheme for 2001. Since his Winston Cup debut late in 1992, Gordon has driven the rainbow-themed DuPont Chevrolet to 52 victories on the circuit. The new "fire and flames" scheme is eye catching and will surely be easy to spot on the track. "I feel like the team has really worked hard and come together this year," Gordon said. "That should put us in a real good position, and I think the new paint scheme will be a great way to re-ignite this team going into next year." The primarily red-and-blue design features flames around the DuPont oval on the hood and down both sides of the car, while the deck lid displays the DuPont oval trademark and 'the miracles of science' slogan. "NASCAR has been a tremendous showcase for our paint finishes and this new paint scheme utilizes our latest undercoat and most productive clearcoat, and features brilliant, exciting colors," said Lou Savelli, president of DuPont Performance Coatings. "We think it will generate even more recognition of the DuPont name among NASCAR fans throughout the world."

January 6, 2001- The new DuPont car was unveiled to the public at the T. Wayne Robertson Winston Cup Preview in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

DuPont Chevrolet (side) | DuPont Chevrolet (rear)
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