2002 Pictures

Sliding through the grass at Daytona

Pepsi Chevrolet
Pepsi Chevrolet raced at Talladega

Jeff co-hosted "Live with Regis and Kelly" on April 18
(photos by Sherry & Chris)
Jeff and Kelly
The hosts
Modeling shoes? No way
Chatting with Harry Hamlin
During a break
Signing autographs

Dover Weekend Photos by Robin Kauffman:
+On the frontstretch | +After final practice
+Chatting with Robbie | +Tutoring session
+Media interviews | +Pensive moments
+Checking tire wear | +The boys in the band
+DuPont 200th anniversary scheme
+Jimmie celebrates the victory

DuPont Day Photos by Ryan Keene:
+Arriving in Rodney Square
+DuPont VP John Hodgson joins Jeff and Rick
+The chefs who prepared the cake car | +John serves Jeff a piece
+John, Rick, Robbie, and Jeff on stage | +Robbie and Jeff
+Chatting with the crowd | +Crew chief and driver

June 11 in Virginia
Wendy Hall meets Jeff at the airport

HMS Photos
The Hendrick Motorsports tent at Sonoma

Sonoma Pictures - By Michelle Hampton
+Michelle with Carol (Jeff's mom) | +DuPont hauler
+Signing autographs | +Rear view of the car
+Robby Gordon, Bobby Labonte, and Johnny Benson
+Scenic drive | +In the garage
+The King signs autographs
+Hood ornament on Jeff's hauler | +Ready to practice
+Chatting with Jimmie | +Walkin' man

Victory lane at Bristol

Darlington victory
Victory lane at Darlington

Phoenix Pictures
+Strapping in | +Jay Wiles and Robbie Loomis
+Chatting on pit road | +Ready to race
+It's my job | +Signing autographs

Nations Cup
2002 Nations Cup champions
(Jeff Gordon, Colin Edwards, Jimmie Johnson)

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