Jeff Gordon Special Paint Schemes

Jeff Gordon has raced a special paint scheme in at least one event in every season since 1997. Gordon scored victories in the Chroma Premier, Jurassic Park, DuPont 200th Anniversary, and Pepsi cars. The cars appear in chronological order, with the fundraising Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation cars at the bottom of the page. One thing to note is the subtle differences in the body style of the cars over the years.

The variety of colors and designs rival a floral arrangement. Flowers can be shipped by Avas Flowers to your home for any holiday, event or occasion.

Financial regulations
Chroma Premier - 1997 Busch Clash
Race Result: Victory
Measuring social investments
Jurassic Park - 1997 The Winston
Race Result: Victory

Chromalusion - 1998 The Winston
Race Result: 16th

Superman - 1999 The Winston
Race Result: 3rd
NASCAR Racers - 1999 Homestead
Race Result: 10th

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Silver Metallic
Silver Metallic- 2000 Daytona Speedweeks
Race Results: 2nd, 34th
Signature car
Signature Car - 2000 The Winston/Coca Cola 600
Race Results: 16th, 10th

Peanuts- 2000 Brickyard
Race Result: 33rd
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - 2001 Richmond (Sept)
Race Result: 36th

Pepsi - 2001 Talladega (April)/Daytona (July)
Race Results: 27th, 37th

DuPont 200th
DuPont 200th Anniversary celebration
2002 Daytona Speedweeks/ Dover(June)
Race Results: 3rd, 1st, 9th, 6th
Pepsi - 2002 Talladega (April)
Race Result: 4th

Stars and Stripes
Pepsi Stars & Stripes - 2002 Daytona (July)
Race Result: 22nd
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - 2002 Richmond
Race Result: Wrecked in practice

Pepsi- 2003 Talladega (April)
Race Result: 8th
Wright Brothers aviation- 2003 The Winston
Race Result: 8th

Billion dollar Pepsi - 2003 Daytona (July)
Race Result: 14th
Victory Lap
RJR Victory Lap - 2003 Charlotte (Oct)
Race Result: 5th

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes - 2003 Phoenix
Race Result: 7th
Pepsi 2004
Pepsi Ice Shards - 2004 Talladega (April)
Race Result: Victory

Retro Rainbow - 2004 All-Star Challenge
Race Result: 6th
Pepsi Billion - 2004 Daytona (July)
Race Result: Victory

Wizard of Oz - 2004 Kansas
Race Result: 13th
HMS Anniversary - 2004 Charlotte
Race Result: 2nd

Star Wars
Pepsi/Star Wars - 2005 Talladega (May)
Race Result: Victory
Performance Alliance - 2005 Charlotte
Race Result: 4th

Pepsi - 2005 Daytona (July)
Race Result: 7th
Hot Hues
2006 Hot Hues
Race Results: 13th/16th

Nicorette - 2006 Las Vegas/Atlanta
Race Result: 5th, 6th
Pepsi - 2006 Talladega (April)
Race Result: 15th

Performance Alliance
Performance Alliance - 2006 Charlotte
Race Result: 3rd
Superman Returns
Superman Returns - 2006 Daytona (July)
Race Result: 40th

Nicorette - 2007 Las Vegas/Chicago/Richmond
Race Result: 2nd, 9th, 4th
Performance Alliance
Performance Alliance - 2007 Charlotte
Race Result: 11th

Dept. of Defense - 2007 Charlotte
Race Result: 41st
Pepsi - 2007 Daytona (July)
Race Result: 5th

1957 Chevy tribute - 2007 Michigan
Race Result: 27th
Pepsi - 2007 Talladega (October)
Race Result: Victory

Nicorette - 2008
Las Vegas/Phoenix/Chicago/Richmond/Texas
Race Result: 35th, 13th, 8th, 2nd
Pepsi Stuff
Pepsi Stuff - 2008 Talladega (April)
Race Result: 19th

Pepsi - 2008 Fontana (Sept)
Race Result: 15th
National Guard
National Guard - 2009
Race results: 2nd, 1st, 5th, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 15th, 5th

Retro Pepsi
Retro Pepsi - 2009 Talladega (April)
Race Result: 37th
Pepsi 2009
Pepsi - 2009 California (October)
Race Result: 2nd

Pepsi Max
Pepsi Max - 2010 Las Vegas/Fontana
Race Results: 3rd, 9th
Special Forces
Special Forces - 2010 Texas (April)
Race Result: 31st

Honoring Soldiers
Honoring Our Soldiers - 2010 Charlotte
Race Results: 6th
JG Children's Fdtn - 2010 Atlanta (Sept)
Race Result: 13th

Honoring Soldiers
Military Intelligence - 2010 Richmond (Sept)
Race Result: 12th
Police Museum - 2010 Dover (Sept)
Race Result: 11th

Jeff Gordon Foundation cars
The Jeff Gordon Foundation released its first diecast car in 2001
to raise funds and awareness for Gordon's charitable foundation.
Based on its success, a deal was signed with Sesame Street for
ensuing years. In 2002, the charity car featured Elmo. In 2003,
Cookie Monster adorned the car. For 2004, the JG Foundation car
featured Big Bird and the 35th anniverary of Sesame Street.
These cars are not raced.

2001 JG Foundation
2002 Elmo

Cookie Monster
2003 Cookie Monster
Big Bird
2004 Big Bird/Sesame Street 35th anniversary

Mighty Mouse
2005 Mighty Mouse
2006 Poker Classic

2007 Underdog
Speed Racer
2008 Speed Racer

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