You Might Be A Longtime Fan If..

If you asked a broad sampling of Jeff Gordon fans when they first became fans, more than a few would probably say that it was sometime in the last 15 years. There are some fans that remember "the old days" before multi-million dollar sponsorships, cereal box covers, and TV appearances.

You Might Be A Longtime Jeff Gordon Fan If...

  • You remember when Jeff raced against "The King" (NOT Richard Petty).

  • You remember the mustache and cringe every time it surfaces in an old picture.

  • You remember when Jeff drove for DIET Pepsi.

  • You still think of Jeff Gordon as a sprint car racer.

  • You know where the "Fuzz Car" raced.

  • You know what the California State Monza Championships are.

  • Your JGNFC number was under 300.

  • You watched "The Beast" at IRP.

  • You'd give your first born to see Jeff run just one more race against Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell, and Robbie Stanley.

  • You bought a t-shirt from Jeff Gordon after a sprint car race.

  • You're still elated that Jeff won a heat race at the Kings Royal - and you know just how prestigious that is.

  • You still think of Chad Knaus as a tire changer.

  • You watched Blacker win a race.

  • You think the Hut Hundred trophy just might be more impressive than the Winston Cup.

  • You were a weekly viewer of Thursday Night Thunder.

  • You see a clay molding and immediately think of JG rockin the turns at Warsaw!

  • You remember that win at Richmond in '96 and know just how important it really was.

  • You remember the "missed shift" and still get antsy whenever Gordon's leading the field on a restart.

  • You remember when Rick Hendrick and Ray Evernham participated in a pit stop. And you loved it even though it was one of the longest four tire pit stops the team has ever had.

  • You know why Jeff toasted Dale Earnhardt with a champagne glass of milk at the 1995 Winston Cup awards banquet.

  • You remember the cool October day in 1992 when the rainbow-colored #24 car was unveiled.

  • You know why Ray Evernham got a $60,000 fine.

  • You still can't get over what Ricky Rudd did in October 1994.

  • You know why Jeff didn't go to Japan for the '97 exhibition race.

  • You have mixed feelings every time you hear the word "ChromaLusion."

  • You remember the fire at North Wilkesboro.

  • You know what happened in turn three when he was leading the Winston Open.

  • You know why Jeff and Ray spoke at Princeton University.

  • You remember when Jeff's associate sponsors included Coca Cola, Valvoline, and Snickers.

  • You remember Jeff winning at Phoenix (NOT in a stock car).

  • You know where Bob met his demise.

  • You thought the DuPont Chevrolet looked better without the headlight decals.

  • You still think stock car racing is just a temporary fling for him.

  • You know why Jeff wanted to pull out of the race at Talladega in 1995.

  • You say to people, "Jeff's a good racer today. But you should have seen him 25 years ago!"

  • You know the significance of Eldora, Winchester, Selinsgrove, and Bloomington. And you smile every time you hear those words.

  • You remember the original name and URL of this Web site (It WASN'T

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